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The participants of the Boundary 500Motorcycle Challenge who are committed to raising funds for The Great North Air Ambulance have decided to adopt Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice at Normanby as their second charity.

The following are extracts from Zoe’s Place web site. Remember that Baby Hospices are very rare and we need to raise funds to ensure they remain open.

The first Zoe’s Place baby hospice is located in Liverpool and the second is located at Normanby in Cleveland. A third is planned for the Midlands area.

Zoe’s Baby Hospice was a new project, it was unique, the first in the country especially for babies with multiple special needs. Zoë in Greek means Gift of Life, an appropriate name for a non-denominational and multi-cultural Hospice, as all or babies come to Zoe’s to live ‘life’ to the full. The babies that come through our doors have varying conditions, Multiple Special Needs. They are all very special, bringing with them joy, laughter, love, they are all individual’s all little human beings. Each of our babies brings with them a new learning process for all of us and most importantly the gifts of humility, pride and admiration.

People cannot begin to understand what families undergo from that dreaded day when a Doctor confirms their worst fears. That there is something medically or physically wrong with their newborn baby is devastating and hard to comprehend. Happiness is stripped from them. All that is left is a feeling of numbness, shock and disbelief. Questions, of why? How? Run through their minds. There is blame, guilt a jungle of mixed emotions, life can never be the same again. Medical facts then become a reality for such families. Appointments for hospitals visits are made, tests begin, but there are no solutions to make things better, no magic wand to eradicate the problem. Life takes on a new and frightening meaning, normal life ends.

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