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  • Rob Taylor says:

    A surprise visit by Mr+Mrs Brian Laverick at my workplace today to present a bottle of whisky.Mr and Mrs. Laverick… THANK YOU SO MUCH..

    The Santa Ride has become such a great part of Christmas for me. A sense of belonging, and part of an awesome gathering that does so much not only for Zoes Place,but other charities such as the Air Ambulance which is a service second to none.
    As a biker myself for over 40 years, driving the open top bus behind such a gathering is awe inspiring and at times a little overwhelming.. especially driving such important people around, and the crowds that come out to see the santa’s as they ride the 22 miles…
    The whisky was not expected and no amount of words could say a proper thank you. Not just to Brian and his Wife, but Paul,his family and all of the Boundary 500 members that put so much into this event to make it such a special day… not just for myself,but forZoes Place and Coastal Country Coaches.
    Also, a special thanks and gratitude must be sent to all the police outriders and the rear traffic car who make the journey safe for all and also give their time.. so to all of them,i am also indebted , THANK YOU ..
    Merry Christmas to all at Boundary 500 and all its associated charities and sponsors, and also the local constabulary…

    ROB TAYLOR…Driver, Coastal and Country Coaches.

    • Brian says:

      Hi Rob many thanks for your kind comments they are much appreciated. Have posted the picture we took today on the Boundary Facebook page. See you next year Rob, brilliant.

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