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This Event is no longer available to take part in.

The Boundary Marathon first took place in 2008. If you can think of the Classic being the Bronze event and The Challenge as the Silver, then The Marathon will be classed as the Gold.

The event roughly follows the coastline of England, Scotland and Wales a distance of approximately 2800 miles. The event used to run between 1st January and 31st December

There was an entrance fee of £20 per rider and £20 per pillions. This was to cover the cost of a suitable memento and ‘T’ Shirt.

The riders and pillions were required to raise a minimum of £100 sponsorship each.

Those riders and pillions who enter the Marathon Challenge and who also enter The Challenge or Classic will not be required to raise sponsorship money for these additional events, although any amount of sponsorship will be greatly received. They are still required to pay the entrance fee of £3 for either the Challenge or Classic.

Start & Finish Location is the entrance to Durham Tees Valley Air Airport.
In order.

  1. Durham Tees Valley Airport Entrance.
  2. Amble.
  3. Berwick-upon-Tweed.
  4. Aberdeen.
  5. John O’Groats.
  6. Rhiconich. (Located on A838/B801
  7. Ullapool
  8. Morvich
  9. South Ledaig. (On A828)
  10. Stranraer.
  11. Cockermouth.
  12. Ravenglass.
  13. Newby Bridge.
  14. Caernarfon.
  15. Fishguard.
  16. Minehead.
  17. Barnstaple.
  18. Kilkhampton. (A39/B3254)
  19. Lands End.
  20. Plymouth.
  21. Bournemouth.
  22. Sammy Miller Motor Museum. New Milton, Hampshire.
  23. Beaulieu Motor Museum, Hampshire.
  24. Southampton.
  25. Brighton.
  26. Hastings.
  27. Dover.
  28. Ramsgate.
  29. Ipswich.
  30. Great Yarmouth.
  31. Skegness.
  32. Hull.
  33. Bridlington.
  34. Scarborough.
  35. Whitby.
  36. Durham Tees Valley Airport Entrance.

Looking at just under 2800 miles.
Conditions of entry.

  1. Entrance fee of £20. (Glass memento)
  2. Collect a minimum of £100 sponsorship money for the Great North Air Ambulance.
  3. Visit all the listed points in the order listed, in no more than ten days.

For who do not live in the North East the Start and Finish location will be their home address. They will however be required to include Durham Tees Valley Airport within their route.

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