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This event is no longer available to take part in.


This event entails starting at Calais and travelling west along the northern coastline of France to Brest. Travel from Brest down the western coastline of France to Bilbao.

From Bilbao travel along the northern coastline of Spain and Portugal to La Coruna.

Travel from La Coruna down the western coastline of Portugal to Varo. From Varo travel to Gibraltar and up along the eastern coastline of Spain to Andorra.

Travel along the Mediterranean coastline to Genoa and down to Rome. From Rome travel south along the west coastline of Italy to Reggio de Calabria and around the ‘Boot’ of Italy to Bari before heading up the eastern coastline of Italy to Venice. From Venice head to Bikers Point on the Grossglockner and return to Calais.

A ride of a lifetime. Due to the high mountain passes this event can only be run between certain dates because of the high altitude and the fact that the roads are only passable at certain times of the year. The European Coastal Challenge will take place from 20th May – 20th September each year.

Those riders and pillions who enter the European and Coastal Challenge and who also enter The Challenge or Classic will not be required to raise sponsorship money for these additional events, although any amount of sponsorship will be greatly received. They are still required to pay the entrance fee of £3 for either the Challenge or Classic.

Locations to visit.

[column size=”1-2″]1. Calais.
2. Brest.
3. Bilbao.
4. La Coruna.
5. Faro.
6. Gibraltar.
7. Andorra.
8. Genoa.
9. Rome.
10. Reggio De Calabria.
11. Bari.
12. Venice.
13. Bikers Point on the Grossglockner.
14. Finish point, Calais.
A Distance of approximately 7.500 Miles.[/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″]Click image to view full size

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