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Santa Ride 2017

Hi everyone.
We are getting a lot of enquiries from people wanting to take part in the ride.
Sorry to say but our allocated maximum of Motorcycles allowed on the ride was reached last week and therefore entry is no longer available.
The Route of the ride is roughly twenty two miles long and for this ride to go ahead we have to apply to all four councils naming each individual road and how long we will be on that section of road.
Once everything has been submitted a decision is made after discussions with the Emergency Services and ensuring Risk Assessments and indemnities are in place.
It is not just a case of turning up on the day. 
A lot of time and effort has gone into this event in the last ten years and because of the partnership arrangements and goodwill we have one of if not the best Santa Ride in the country.
As with number of bikes, we are limited because of times the roads are closed and the resources available to escort the ride.
At times on the ride the length of the procession will be three quarters of a mile long.
Please do not turn up on the day hoping to enter as you will be refused. Also please do not follow the procession because the ride is operated on a rolling road closure controlled by the Police.
After the ride there is always a debrief and if any event or incident like the procession exceeding agreed numbers and other groups following then under todays climate of Health and Safety arrangements our future events could be at risk.
We have proven that our event is exceptionally well organised and Policed, please do not do anything that could have a negative impact on future arrangements.
The timings for this years event has now been read over forty five thousand times. 
Many thanks for your support.


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