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Santa Ride 2014

Today we handed over our cheque to Zoë’s Baby Hospice for the Motorcycle Santa Ride we held in November 2014.
The cheque was for a fantastic twenty nine thousand, one hundred and one pounds and thirty four pence.
What this means in practical terms is that it costs approximately £300 a day to care for one of the babies and we have just guaranteed one baby can be looked after for 97 days.
We as a Group first started collecting first started collecting for Zoë’s Baby Hospice in December 2006 and since then have raised an incredible One Hundred and Ninety Three Thousand Pounds. (Plus since that time have raised in excess of Three Hundred and Eighty Thousand Pounds for the Great North Air Ambulance)
The first photo shows Brian Laverick on the left (Group Founder) and Paul Joyce Group Chairman with the Cheque. The next photo shows June Lees from the Group with Ali Bonner from Cleveland and Durham Police Road Policing Unit and little Noah. (its okay to show the picture of Noah but if in any doubt contact the Hospice and speak to Mark Guidery or Rachael.
We are indebted to the Cleveland And Durham Police Road Policing Unit for their continued support which ensures our annual Motorcycle Santa Ride takes place. We would also like to thanks Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland Councils for their continued support which ensures all the necessary legislation for our event is obtained with the minimum of fuss.

m_santa ride

People have been asking about times for the Santa Ride.
Due to the numbers taking part we can only guarantee the start time of 11.30am when we leave Thornaby New Town and travelling south along Stockton High Street at 11.45 am.
If you want to wait at the locations listed get there earlier than the times listed so you are not disappointed if we are ahead of schedule.
A good vantage point on Stockton High Street is near the Old Town Hall.
Its a fantastic buzz as we travel along the high street getting mobbed by the crowds.
Please share with all your contacts.
This ride is the start of Christmas for a lot of us.
When we first started in 2006 there was only 28 of us now we have to limit the numbers of riders.
Since 2006 we have raised in excess of one hundred and sixty four thousand pounds for Zoes Baby Hospice. Now thats something to shout about.


Due to hi demand and reaching our limit as agreed with the Police and Local Councils regarding numbers of bikes that take part in the event, entry to the event unless you have been in touch is now closed.
Sorry to disappoint people but in order to maintain our excellent relations with all those that are involved in making the event happen our word is our bond.
If you have not entered please do not turn up on the day to register as you will not be allowed to take part. Sorry.


Its that time of year folks when Christmas will soon be upon us and since 2006 the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group have held an annual Motorcycle Santa Ride to raise funds for Zoe’s Baby Hospice at Normanby in Cleveland. The event has become a great spectacle in this part of the world.
For those that like statistics this is what we have already achieved.

The 2006 ride raised in excess of £1600.
The 2007 ride raised in excess of £19,000.
The 2008 ride raised in excess of £26,000.
The 2009 ride raised in excess of £24,000.
The 2010 ride raised in excess of £17,000.
The 2011 ride raised in excess of £22,500
The 2012 ride raised in excess of £25,000
The 2013 ride raised in excess of £29,000

When you look at these figures its not rocket science but Zoe’s Baby Hospice really are appreciative of all our efforts so much so that the Group were made Patrons of the Hospice.

With the babies at Zoe’s the only thing they want out of life, is life itself, now we cannot give them that promise but what we can do is ensure that the time they have with us they want for nothing.

The Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group are passionate about raising funds for and spreading the good work that Zoe’s Place carries out and remember its also about supporting the parents.

There have been a number of cutbacks in local Police budgets which has resulted in the reduction of staff namely Cleveland Police and Durham Motorcycle sections who have given our event superb support over the years and without their commitment the event could not take place.

Our event is unique in that it travels 22 miles through the Council areas of Thornaby, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland.
In December 2013 following last years successful Santa Ride the Assistant Chief Constable of Cleveland Police wrote to our Chairman to confirm that the Police would support our event for which we are really grateful.
To assist the Police in Policing the Santa Ride procession we have reduced the number of Motorcycle Santa Riders that are eligible to take part from 200 to 160 and the rules and regulations have been amended accordingly.

For the first time in the events history the cost of Double Decker bus that follows the procession carrying local dignitaries will be funded by the Boundary Group members.
I know this events brings a big smile to all those that take part and all those that witness the spectacle as it travels though Cleveland.

The entry forms can be downloaded and places will be issued on a first come first served basis.
Entry forms are available at;
As soon as the entry forms are received the details will be passed to Zoe’s Baby Hospice who will send out the sponsorship forms.

The cost of entry is £6 per person for which you will receive a Santa Suit, and at the end which is Kirkleatham Hall, Redcar, a bacon bun and a hot cuppa.

When the processions arrives at Kirkleatham Hall the Cleveland Police Band and Guisborough Ladies Choir will be playing/singing a selection of Christmas Carol’s.

Please pass this on and share with as many people as possible but remember places are limited so don’t delay in getting your entry forms in.


Total Amount Raised

Since June 2006
we have raised


£ 676333

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