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Boundary Navigational Event.

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The prize money thanks to the generosity of Tony and Jane has just been raised.

First prize is now a minimum of £120

Second prize is now a minimum of £80

Third prize is now a minimum of £40

Tony and Jane from Securall one of the Groups sponsors; have matched the money donated by the Boundary.

First prize will now be a minimum of £120

Second prize will now be a minimum of £80

Third prize will now be a minimum of £40

This is a fantastic gesture by Tony and Jane and is much appreciated.

The threads on the forum regarding this event can be found at;,7256.0.html,7257.0.html

Boundary Navigational Event.


I think everyone will agree that 2012 in relation to the weather has been a bit of a mixed bag with more events cancelled than I can remember and not forgetting a lot of financial uncertainties I think we need to have some sort of social event to make things a bit more upbeat.

I know some of you SORN your bikes at the end of September so am proposing the following.

The Boundary Navigational Event will take place on Saturday 29th September and Sunday 30th September 2012.

The reason for two dates because some people can make Saturday’s, some can only make Sundays, so I think that it is logical that people can choose their date when to take part.


The Start and finish location will be the car park at Kirkleatham Hall Redcar.

The start times still have to be finalised but we are looking between 9am and 10am, both days.

The Closing times will be between 5pm and 7pm.

If I get the mileages right the closing times will allow for a steady ride with ample opportunity to take refreshment stops and not have an event that becomes an endurance adventure.

Entrants will be issued with a sheet of paper that contains a photocopy of eight map locations to visit. The locations will be readily identifiable

Each entrant will be required to visit 75% of those locations by the shortest route. The photocopy map locations will have an arrow on them indicating an area to go to.

Each location will have a question that requires answering. The answer to that question can be found in the area marked by the arrow.

Entrants will also be given a photograph of something that they should see on their route. Entrants will need to record the location of the photograph subject matter.

Marks will be given for each correct answer. The answer that is given must match exactly the one that I will have recorded. Any deviation  will result in a deduction of score. Obviously if it’s the wrong answer there will be no score.

Due to the fact that different bikes record different mileages I will ride the shortest route to six locations on two different makes of bike and take the average.

Any deviation of an entrants mileage either above or below will result in minor deductions.

Entry forms will be available from me by email or made available at Lillie’s Cafe on a Tuesday night commencing Tuesday 18th September.

There will be an entrance fee of £2 per bike or trike.

Once I have received the completed entry forms,  I will issue that person with a list of places to visit.

The earlier entry forms are received, the better. This issuing of the locations to visit, will allow people lots of time to plan the shortest route to the six locations they are going to visit and in what order.

When you attend on either the Saturday or the Sunday you will be given the list of questions for all 8 locations.

You then marry up the locations with the questions of the ones you are going to visit.

Having read all that you will now be asking what do we get.

First Place will receive a minimum of £60.

Second Place will receive a minimum of £40

Third Place will receive a minimum of £20.

If we have any sponsors out there that would like to add to the prize money please email me.

To be eligible to receive these prizes you must attend the presentation evening on Saturday 27th October 2012 because that is when the results will be announced.

I will read out the highest placed person and if they are not there then I will continue until we have a first second and third.

Tickets for the presentation evening can be obtained from the secretary Karen.

If anyone has any comments then please feel free to contact me. One thing to bear in mind that there is some good money up for grabs so if you arrive at a location and you find the answer keep it to yourself.

I have entered a number of similar events and it is not unusual for people to park their bikes some distance from the clue and walk back. People see bikes and automatically park in the same location and think the answer to the question lies at that location.

The person who originally parked up then states that he can’t find it and says he’s moving onto the next clue after all its only a bit of fun. I think some people call it gamesmanship and I can readily think of a couple of likely characters.

One thing that cannot be done though is to interfere with the answers in any way shape or form.

I will lock this thread so that the information is readily accessible. I will start another thread and would appreciate if there is any interest and if so please stipulate your preferred date.

As stated entry forms will be available from Tuesday 18th September. I will need to get my skates on to sort the locations etc.

Link to the thread on the forum at;,7256.0.html

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