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Originally took possession of 1000 CD’s. These can be purchased on line from the Great North Air Ambulance internet shop. £3 plus postage.

There is a supply of CD’s at Zoe’s Baby Hospice.

Also CD’s are at Bizzy Lizzy’s Cafe at Ambleside Cumbria. CD’s available at Oily’s Pub at Winscale near Workington. CD’s will be available from Lillies Cafe at Kirkleatham Hall from 5pm, 6th November 2012. Will try and get some down to Tillo’s but will need to speak to Peter.

The 200 DVD’s are nearly all gone. Have ordered another 200 and hopefully they will be here within the week. Don’t forget you can download from ITunes as mentioned in the post beneath this one. Please leaver a positive remark which helps with the popularity charts.

Many thanks to everyone, please post onto Facebook and Twitter. What a fantastic Christmas present this will be if we can get it into the charts. Money and recognition for the Great North Air Ambulance and Zoe’s Baby Hospice. Brilliant.

Saturday 3rd November 2012 a day to remember. The Boundary Motorcycle Group at the base of the Angel of the North Statue with the Happy Cats singing the Boundary song, I’m Gonna Ride 500 Miles and above the statue the helicopter from The Great North Air Air Ambulance.

The Boundary CD as well as being bought from the internet shop of the Great North Air Ambulance and other outlets can also be downloaded from ITunes,  

Please leave a positive review on ITunes and hopefully with everyone’s support we can get into the charts.

Also a big thanks to Marty, Brian & Les from the Happy Cats.


The Boundary CD and DVD will soon be available to buy. There will also be a digital download available. Dont forget our press launch with the ban playing at the Angel of the North 11.30am Saturday 3rd November 2012. Look forward to seeing you there.




The song by the Proclaimers, ‘I’m gonna walk 500 miles’ lends itself very nicely to a signature tune for this Group and indeed the 500 mile Challenge. By changing a few words it ‘fits like a glove’.

The Group have been in touch with the manager of the Proclaimers Kenny MacDonald who has been great and very helpful.
At first all that was wanted was to change  the words walk to ride or riding depending on the verse and altholugh it was great to see the enthusiasm by everyone wanting to have all sorts of lyrics, unfortunately that is not what the original agreement allowed.
In my dealings with the song licence people they asked for a copy of our lyrics and I was about to send them the changes that had been agreed when I received an email from a member who had made some very good changes which I thought were excellent.
I was so impressed with the lyrics that I re-contacted the Proclaimers and sent them a copy because I was now going outside of the original agreement and did not want to create problems.
I have just received an email from the guys manager Kenny and the changes are to be allowed and they wish us well.
In the meantime Paul our chairman has enlisted the help of a Group who are recording these new lyrics to see what we think.
When we have a copy of the song and if it is what we want and having listened to this Groups work I can’t see any reason why it will not, we will be meeting with the Air Ambulance and Zoë’s to see if we can sort a video. As a taster this is the lads themselves performing the song at;


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