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Statistics illustrate that the motorcyclists are around 30% more likely to be involved in an accident than other road users. From this we see the real necessity of motorbike insurance.

Shopping around is very important when dealing with insurance in general, and this remains the case for motorcycle insurance.

You should have a look at a variety of policies, and consider some the range available. You will find that some policies offered by a few insurance companies can be very convenient, such as ‘multi-bike’ and ‘six wheels’ policies where you can insure more than one bike, and a bike and a car respectively.

Experience plays a pivotal role in determining an insurance premium, which has consistently been an issue for younger drivers. Typically most insurers will want details such as the driver’s age, riding experience and place of residence.


Location is another variable which is always taken into account – often contentiously. Companies will certainly check driving records too.


Specific to the bike, the insurer will need to know the model as well as any modifications that may have been made. In the past there have been policies made where someone hasn’t declared what they should have in order to keep a policy as cheap as possible. These cases often end up being more deservedly expensive than anticipated as if you are involved in an accident and your insurer find that your bike doesn’t fit the description such as having unreported modifications, the accident claim will not be paid.

 Another issue that will influence a policy is the purpose of the bike, and how often it will be driven. Logically, the more often it is driven the more likely an accident is.



Finally, vehicle storage will be taken into account. If a bike is going to be kept in a secure garage it will obviously be less prone to theft when compared to a motorbike parked on the street. All these, and no doubt more can have a huge impact on the price of bike insurance so it is certainly worth bearing them in mind.



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What Policies can offer. (conditions may apply)

Up to £100.000 motorcycle legal protection

Extensive UK and European accident & breakdown recovery

European travel cover of up to 90 days

In-house claims team

Up to 10% off for insurance-approved security

Up to 10% off for advanced riding qualifications

UK call centre

UK bikers have consistently voted Carole Nash as the UK’s favourite motorcycle insurance specialist*. Why? Because whether your ride is a Honda or a Hayabusa, a Norton or a NinjaCarole Nash offers exceptional cover, outstanding value and superb service.


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