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Enhanced Rider Training

The Boundary 500 Motorcycle Groups Rider Training programme is aimed at enhancing members riding skills. This was brought about in order to promote road safety and provide the members with riding skills and knowledge at a minimal financial cost.


The course consists of four modules;


Module 1:       Highway Code: Students are given a copy of the Highway Code and have to answer a number of questions. These are not multiple choices and require  writing the complete answer as per what is contained within the book.

Time required at least one hour.

                          Cost £1

Module 2:      Road Craft: Students obtain a copy of Motorcycle Roadcraft, the Police Riders Handbook. This book containing some 200 pages and covers all the  aspects concerning the theory side of riding a motorcycle and is deemed the                             motorcyclists bible. These are not multiple choices and require writing the  complete answer as per what is contained within book. Time required at least five hours.

                          Cost, None because Riders buy their own book.


Module 3:       Classroom: Students attend a four hour classroom scenario where they discuss the issues and application of what they have learnt from modules 1 & 2.

Cost £3


Module 4:       Practical Riding Assessment/Instruction. Students then attend on two separate days for an observed ride and instruction. The observed rides are  carried out by members of the Group and the Cleveland                   Institute  of Advanced Motorcycle Group. The rides last for a minimum of one hour.

                        Cost. A maximum of £10 per Ride. (petrol costs of Observer)


As you can see from the above there has been a lot of commitment from both members and outside agencies.


This programme is proving to be very successful and it is intended to make it available to the local community..


A certificate will be awarded to those riders who have successfully completed the course at the Boundary Group annual ‘Presentation Evening’ which is held in October.


Further details on the course can be found on the forum at;,53.0.html

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