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Certificates of Appreciation

Been out and about today, once more thanking people for their sponsorship and supporting the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group.
Called in to see Paul and Cath from Marske Furnishing and presented them with our ‘Thank You’ Award.
Well done guys, your continued support and sponsorship over all the years is much appreciated.


Ripla created the Boundary web site back in October 2006 and since then it has gone from strength to strength. Pictured below are Richard and Graham who have given  the Group tremendous support. They are continually updating the web site with new and innovative ideas to maintain its professional image and high profile.

Here they are receiving their Certificate of Appreciation which is well deserved.

Graham informed us today that the Boundary web site is in his words ‘its massive and being picked up all over the world’.

He also went on to add that he will be looking at new ideas to maintain its high profile over the next few months. The web site is sponsored by both Ripla and Tillston Motorcycles.

Once again guys, many thanks for all your hard work.


We are indebted to Alan Bould who handed over a cheque for £500 to Gary and Andrea who took part in this years Motorcycle Santa Ride to raise funds for Zoe’s Baby Hospice. Here Gary on the left, Alan centre receiving the Certificate of Appreciation from Andrea. Many thanks Alan we and I know I speak for the people at the Hospice, a fantastic gesture that is really  is really appreciated.

The Group presented their ‘Certificate of  Appreciation’ to Andy Huddlestone the Chief Inspector in charge of the Cleveland and Durham Road Police Unit for their continued support and assistance the Group receive from the Cleveland Motorcycle Section which enables the annual Motorcycle Santa Ride in aid of Zoe’s Baby Hospice to take place.

We are very grateful for the help they give in achieving our aims to raise money for our nominated charities.

The Group visited the Road Policing HQ at Wynyard and the picture shows Keith Fisher handing the certificate to Andy Huddlestone.

Further photos are on the forum at; ,6904.0.html

Every December the Durham Police Motorcycle Section assist the Cleveland Police Motorcycle Section in marshalling the annual Boundary 500 Motorcycle Santa Ride in aid of Zoe’s Baby Hospice, around a route which covers  twenty two miles, taking in the centres of Thornaby, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar.

The Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group really appreciate their efforts in making the event such a huge success. Their friendly approach and professionalism is a credit to the Durham Force.

Keith Fisher presents the team with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ and our thanks for such a great job. Be under no illusion, without the support of professionals such as the Police we would not be able to hold our event.


A big thanks to John and Temlak for their continued support. They pay for the open top double decker bus that follows the Santa Ride as well as being involved in the Groups activities. Here you can see the infamous ‘Furry Person’ presenting the ‘Certificate of Appreciation’.

Keith, Paul and Brian attended All Saints Church at Skelton on Thursday 29th March 2012 to present the Cleveland Police Band with a certificate of appreciation for their help in raising money from the 2011 Boundary Motorcycle Group Santa Ride for Zoes Baby Hospice. What was meant to be a quiet affair proved to be anything but when Keith stood up in front of 400 people and sang not only the bands praises but yours as well.


For the last few years, Coastal and Country Coaches based at Whitby have provided the ‘Open Top Double Decker Bus’ for the annual Zoe’s Baby Hospice Santa Ride. Brian popped through to Whitby on Friday 16th March, 2012 and presented Chris and Phil with a Certificate of Appreciation. The firm and the staff have been very supportive of our ride and on a couple of occasions battled through snow and ice across the North Yorkshire Moors to make sure they got to Thornaby for the Santa Ride. The open top bus is now a feature of the ride usually full of VIP’s following the procession. We are indebted to Chris and the team for their continued support.


Redcar & Cleveland Events Team have been really supportive in helping us achieve our objectives during our stay at Kirkleatham Hall. Thanks for the team work guys. Here Karen presents a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ top Ken, Rhiannon and Jess.

In our time at Kirkleatham the staff at the museum has been very helpful and supportive with what we have been trying to achieve. In the photograph Karen presents a ‘Certificate of Appreciation to Bryn, Laura Jane and Joanne.

Thanks very much guys.

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