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Once again Winn Solicitors will be supplying ‘Reflective Vests’ to the Group. This is a fantastic gesture and one which runs into hundreds of pounds. Don’t forget if you are ever in any accident irrespective of what you are riding or driving call Winn Solicitors for expert help and guidance.  The Boundary Group Special Claim Line number is; 0800 9886286

Winn Solicitors are one of the main sponsors of The Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group. Together they have designed the following ‘Crash Card’ which has proved extremely useful to its members.

The card which folds in two, enables full details of the parties involved to be recorded. There are easy step by step instructions which ensure you know what to do.

There is an individual ‘Claim Line’ to ring which is free; 0800 988 6286. When you do ring this number ensure that you mention the Boundary Motorcycle Group.

Whilst the cards have been designed for motorcyclists it matters not what vehicle you are driving/riding. Winn’s will keep you right.

The people who have used this service have been really impressed with the professionalism and guidance given by Winn’s.

Make sure you always keep a ‘Crash Card’ with you.

If you require a ‘Crash Card’ please contact the Group secretary at,




The cards when folded measure 10.5cm x 7.5cm

Road Accident Claims.


If you’ve been injured in a accident on the road and need to make a road accident claim, you’ve come to the right place. Winn Solicitors has helped thousands of people make road accident claims over the years.

Whether you’re a car or lorry driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian or cyclist who has been involved in a road accident; you may be able to make a

road accident claim

for any personal injury, loss or damage to any equipment, clothing or possessions that you suffered as a result of the road accident. Our solicitors provide a no win no fee compensation guarantee so you can rest assured that you’ll receive 100% of the compensation claim awarded to you as a result of the injuries and losses sustained in the road accident.

Most road accident claims for compensation are made against other road users, but there are other circumstances under which a successful road accident claim can be made. Accidents caused by unfit road surfaces, the actions of children, animals or other pedestrians are all valid circumstances under which a road accident claim for personal injury compensation can be made.

Winn Solicitors will:

  • No win no fee. Guarantees 100% compensation of the road accident claim is awarded to you.
  • Road accident claim specialists. So we have a high success rate in gaining you the compensation due.
  • No cost to you. All services provided in connection with your road accident claim are provided free of charge because the costs are recovered from the other side.
  • Begin your road accident claim now.

    If you’ve been involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, you could be eligible to claim compensation.

    Click the Claim Now! button to begin your road accident compensation claim.

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