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Lillie’s Cafe, Kirkleatham Hall, Redcar

The last year using Lillies Cafe has again been extremely positive. Catherine and Ben, Danni, Nicole and Abbie have gone out of their way to support us in all our ventures and have come up trumps every time. We have held a number of events and presentations all have which have proved very successful as well as raising a significant amount of money for our two nominated charities. This year alone the Boundary Tea and Coffee initiative has raised at least £984.21p.









We had our last Tuesday night meet at the Cafe on 11th December and will return on Tuesday 5th February 2013. I understand that whilst we are away there will be some refurbishment regarding the heating and windows. At our last meet there was another very high turnout of people who this time were wearing their Santa Suits. We had a large raffle of prizes and a Christmas Quiz from Bob. The raffle prizes amounted to nearly £200 worth and the cash prize total for the quiz was in excess of £60.

Once again many thanks to Lillies and also the Kirkleatham Museum Staff especially Ken who always helps out if we need extra seating and tables.

Heres to a great 2013.

Have just been totaling up the amount collected so far by the staff at Lillies for the Boundary/Lillies Tea/Coffee initiative and so far this year it has raised £904.21p

For those new to the site if you go to Lillies and ask for a Boundary Mug of Tea or Coffe you will be charged a pound. Thirty pence of that goes into the tin to be shared by The Great North Air Ambulance and Zoes Baby Hospice. This is in addition to any money we collect in the Air Ambulance or Zoes Collecting tin. Big thanks to everyone. Fantastic. A very big thanks to all the satff at Lillies.

As a thank you for support the Air Ambulances are giving supporters free wrist bands. Gill will have a supply with her at our Tuesday night meets at Lillies Cafe.

We have just been going through the accounts for the money collected from the Boundary Teas & Coffees at Lillies.

Since 8th November 2010 and up to Tuesday 21st August 2012 this little initiative has raised for the Great North Air Ambulance and Zoe’s Baby Hospice, Fourteen hundred and two pounds and forty two pence.

For those that have not visited Lillies Cafe at Kirkleatham Hall Redcar, you ask for a Boundary Mug of Tea or Coffee. The cost is one pound. Catherine and Ben then put thirty pence of that into a tin for the Air Ambulance and the Hospice. It all adds up.

As a little thank you to the team at Lillies who always look after us on a Tuesday night we presented them each with a Thorntons Chocolate egg. Many thanks girls and enjoy.

It has become very obvious  that organisations and individuals contribute greatly to our aims of raising sponsorship for our two nominated charities, The Great North Air Ambulance and Zoe’s Baby Hospice.

The generosity of these individuals is not  confined to solely providing finance but also giving ‘time’ and providing ‘facilities’ and without such help we would find it a lot harder to achieve our goals.

As a result of this fantastic support, it has been decided that the Group will present ‘Certificates of Appreciation’. The certificates like the one shown below  for the 2011 ‘Santa Ride’ are signed by the Chairman of the Hospice and the Chairman of our Group.

We will also be introducing like certificates for the Great North Air Ambulance events to be held during 2012.Over the next few weeks we will be delivering these ‘framed certificates’ and if possible taking a photo.

The first presentation took place on Thursday 8th March 2012 when our Chairman Paul Joyce presented Dani, the manager of Lillie’s Cafe with her certificate and heartfelt thanks to all the staff for their continued support.


A big thanks to Allan Robinson who has sourced us a brand new Flymo Micro Lite lawnmower to Raffle. Tickets are priced at a £1 each and are available at our Tuesday night meets, Kirkleatham Hall starting Tuesday 6th March 2012. We will run the raffle for four weeks then donate the money raised to The Great North Air Ambulance.


Now that winter is behind us (fingers crossed) we will be returning to Lillie’s Cafe for our weekly meets. This year we will be returning to our original meeting night and that is TUESDAY starting on 6th March 2012. The Group meet from 5pm – 9pm.

Lillies Cafe is located next to the pavilion at Kirkleatham Hall. If you are arriving by car please park in the main car park and walk to the cafe. If you are arriving by bike (or a disabled driver) then you can use the access road which allows you to park next to the cafe.

Danny and the girls at the cafe will be pleased to see you. Here are some photos and articles which give you an insight into the place.

At Lillies ask for a Boundary tea or coffee and that will cost you a pound. 30 pence of this is shared between the Great North Air Ambulance and Zoes Baby Hospice. In nine months sales of the drinks and latterly the pork pies raised nearly one thousand pounds. The Boundary tea and coffee is available whenever the cafe is open and at the present time that is every day except Monday when it is closed. Look forward to seeing you there.

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