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As everyone knows, as a Group we work extremely hard in arranging events to raise money for our two nominated charities and hopefully at the end of this year we with your help achieve the half million bound barrier.

To achieve this milestone there needs to be an extra incentive but also a mark of appreciation.

This is what is going to happen.

Every person who enters an event and raises a minimum of £40 will have their name put into a free draw.

The more events you enter as long as you individually raise a minimum of £40 for that event again your name goes into the draw.

So what will you get.

1. Seven nights self catering accommodation for four people at,

which is located in the Brittany region of France,

2. On arrival you will get a welcome meal.

3. On arrival the winner on production of his/her passport to Michele or Roger

will receive in cash a minimum of four hundred pounds.

4. Brittany Ferries will be providing a voucher for four people to use their crossing. We are still in negotiation as to which crossing and the mode of transport but we have a voucher on the table at the present time for four people and a vehicle. As soon as details are known they will be circulated.

5. The Holiday to be taken in April or May 2014.

I think you will agree that this prize which is valued in excess of £1000 is a cracker.

There will be some conditions.

As already stated free entry for every event where you raise in excess of £40.

The prize is not transferable and if you can’t, go it goes back into the hat to be redrawn.

The draw will take place on Saturday 19th October at the Group’s Annual Presentation Evening.

You have to stay at the Gite to receive your cash prize.

In keeping with the Boundary Groups rules and regulations in relation to fairness and propriety the Group founder, the Group Secretary and the Group Chairman are not eligible to enter the draw.

We will be having a poster made up and advertising this locally and nationally but before we do it was thought that our regular members should have the ‘heads up’

So everyone get your entry forms in for the events and get collecting.

I will complete a full list of conditions but the above are the main ones. The others will include you are responsible for your own insurance etc. etc.

Here is one scenario.

A rider enters one of the events like the TT Challenge.

He/she then enters, the Challenge, Classic, the Lakes Classic and the Marathon.

As long as they collect a minimum of £40 for each event that person’s name goes into the hat five times.

If they have a pillion who also raise the required amount their name goes into the draw as well.

Can you see how by arranging your sponsorship there will be more chances.

Theses chances will increase again if four of you team up. I will leave you with the permutations.

Cracking prezzie or what.

All event forms can be downloaded from the web site at,

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