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As everyone will be aware we regularly hold a variety of raffles, meat draws and sell Boundary merchandise.  Our dedicated team of Gill Karen and Carole work tirelessly arranging these various activities.

What we try to do is every now and then identify some piece of equipment that would be of benefit  to our two charities. The  most recent piece of equipment we bought from the Hospice was a P Pod Chair costing about £300.

These pieces of equipment are  in addition to the money we raise by holding our ‘Boundary’ events. Last year we gave the Air Ambulance in excess of thirty four thousand pounds and the recent Santa Ride for Zoë’s Baby Hospice will also be a significant amount.

I think it is very important that people are aware that when you buy these raffle tickets or whatever the money raised goes to our two charities. We may not spend it straight away but let it accumulate so that we can purchase major pieces of equipment.

I have visited our two charities and asked them what piece(s) of equipment could we obtain that would make their jobs easier and that the person receiving that care a better quality of life. I told them that there would be in the region of £500 for each charity. These are their reply’s.

The Great North Air Ambulance are in need of the following.

Flectalon Blanket – this piece of equipment is a specialist patient carrying blanket . They are designed in such a way as to be able to be washed regularly to eliminate risk of infection to the patient. Heat loss is very detrimental to the patients care, particularly in very cold conditions and the blankets provide this essential protection as well as facilitating safe patient transfer. The aircraft currently have these blankets and they are very well used (in fact in the vast majority of incidents) and as such they need to be replaced periodically, and our current blankets are reaching the end of their useful life.

Each blanket is approximately £300 to buy.

Zoë’s Baby Hospice have replied with the following.

Our children cannot always clear their own secretions from their nose, mouth, tracheotomy and throat particularly when they are unwell with chest infections or other respiratory problems, as they approach end of life and in emergency situations such as when they are having a prolonged epileptic seizure. We currently only have one suction machine which if it was to break and be off site to be repaired, which could take up to a week may mean we have to close the hospice as it is a legal requirement we have this emergency equipment available. This also requires us to ensure the suction machine accompanies the children wherever they go, which can sometimes mean we cannot take all the children out as when some children are not well enough to go out we have to stay in the hospice so that we have access to the suction machine for all the children at all times. The suction machine is an essential and potentially life-saving piece of equipment that is needed and used on a daily basis. The cost of this equipment is approximately £500.

I have spoken to Paul our Chairman and Karen our Secretary and made them aware. They agree with me that we should purchase two of the Special Blankets for the Great North Air Ambulance and a Devilbiss Suction Unit for the Baby Hospice. The costing for both items will be about eleven hundred pounds.

I will get in touch with the two charities and let them know. Hope everyone agrees? When the items have been purchased I will be in touch with everyone for the ‘Handing Over’ ceremony.

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