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John and Dot Johnson who run Hadrian V-Twin Tours and Rentals have been supporters of the Boundary Group over the years.

John has been to see me and handed over two bottles of ‘Jack Daniels’.

John and Dot had intended to be at the Boundary New Year party but cannot now attend.

It had been intended to have a quiz at the New Year Party but with everything else we do the logistics of sorting out the winners would have been too time consuming.

 John has set two questions.

 Question No 1:

 What were the total miles travelled on Combined USA Tours in 2011.

  • Cowboys and Canyons.                  10 Days.
  • Golden Gate.                                       14 Days.
  • Route 66 Special.                              18 Days.
  • Sturgis Ultimate Road Trip.          21 Days.


Question No 2.

 Total Bike Miles Travelled on Route 66 Tour 2011.

 The Quiz will close on Tuesday 29th February 2012.


 Only one prize per person.

 Having entered and to receive one of these bottles you need to be at Lillie’s Cafe, Kirkleatham Hall, Redcar  at the time of the draw which will be at 7pm on Tuesday 6th March 2012.

 To take part email your answers to in the following format.

 Re John & Dots Quiz.



 Answer to Question 1.

 Answer to Question 2.

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