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The Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group in conjunction with Marty Curran from Cleveland Fire Brigade were responsible for putting together an accredited ‘ First on Scene First Aid Courser’.

This course whilst teaching basic life saving skills also deals with scene management.

Over the last few years we have had in excess of  70 people attend this course.

The latest recipients of this certificate are;


Mike Wilkinson.

Steve Carling.

Jeff Spooner.

Tony Lonsdale.

Jane Wilson.

Chloe Reynolds.

David Reynolds.

James Haddow.

Chris Horvath.

Richard Clement.

Andrew Merrington.

Steve Cooper.


The certificates will be presented at the Boundary Presentation Evening on Saturday 27th October 2012 at the Middlesbrough Teaching and Learning Centre on Cargo Fleet Lane.

Friends and family are welcome.

For further details regarding the Presentation Evening and tickets please contact the Group Secretary Karen on 01642 343479 or email at,


The thread on the forum is at;,6332.30.html

Total Amount Raised
Since June 2006
we have raised


£ 639862

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