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Originally took possession of 1000 CD’s. These can be purchased on line from the Great North Air Ambulance internet shop. £3 plus postage.

There is a supply of CD’s at Zoe’s Baby Hospice.

Also CD’s are at Bizzy Lizzy’s Cafe at Ambleside Cumbria. CD’s available at Oily’s Pub at Winscale near Workington. CD’s will be available from Lillies Cafe at Kirkleatham Hall from 5pm, 6th November 2012. Will try and get some down to Tillo’s but will need to speak to Peter.

The 200 DVD’s are nearly all gone. Have ordered another 200 and hopefully they will be here within the week. Don’t forget you can download from ITunes as mentioned in the post beneath this one. Please leaver a positive remark which helps with the popularity charts.

Many thanks to everyone, please post onto Facebook and Twitter. What a fantastic Christmas present this will be if we can get it into the charts. Money and recognition for the Great North Air Ambulance and Zoe’s Baby Hospice. Brilliant.

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