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Members will be aware that since the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group was started back in June 2006 each year we used to hold a ‘Weekend Event’ whereby members could take part in either the 500 mile ride of the Challenge or the 130 mile Classic.
These event have proved extremely popular and over the years we have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for The Great North Air Ambulance.
Experience has shown that to arrange these events has called upon the services of members which has required an awful amount of time and commitment.
Experience has also shown that the date that would be arranged was not always convenient for everyone.
To this end the Great North Air Ambulance has now taken over the running of the 500 Mile Challenge and the 130 mile Classic.
This means that these two events can be entered at a time and date to suit you.
Today I met with the Air Ambulance and they have provided a booklet which publicise a number of events one being about the Boundary 500.
This booklet will shortly be posted/circulated.

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This is an ideal opportunity for you to become involved in the Groups aims and declarations at a time and pace suited to you.
The relevant section within the Air Ambulance that relates to the event entry forms etc. can be found at the following link.…/ch…/boundary-500/

There are a number of events arranged this year and it will be good to see members participating in either of these two events for which the Boundary 500 has become synonymous with.
People have copied our format but these are the real deal.

Dont forget this is an excellent opportunity for you to arrange something. Please post your dates and time on the forum and that way other people can also become involved.

I look forward to your response and many thanks for your continued support.

Everyone is welcome to take part in these events and you do not have to be a member of the Group.

Each year we dress up in fancy dress and visit some residential homes in the Thornaby area to deliver Easter eggs to the residents. I know a lot of Groups takes eggs to Children’s wards but we feel that the elderly are the forgotten generation and when they see us we always have lots of smiles especially from those that do not receive many visitors.

m_Publisher Senior Day 2015

As reported previously members of the Group have taken part in a five hundred mile ride to visit the three  Zoe’s Baby Hospices located in Middlesbrough, Coventry and Liverpool. Well done guys.

m_DSC_0533 (2)

The entries  for the  annual Boundary 500 Motorcycle Santa Ride which takes place to raise much needed funds for Zoe’s Baby Hospice are going really fast and it looks like we will have to bring forward the closing date for entries should this trend continue. We are limited to 160 motorcycles so do not delay get your entry forms in now. The forms can be downloaded from the Group web site at;


Congratulations to Mark, Craig and Bernie for riding 505 miles to raise funds for Zoe’s Baby Hospice. The ride is the forerunner of the new SOS Challenge that will be available for people to enter starting January 2016.

The ride involves visiting the three Zoe’s Baby Hospices which are located in Middlesbrough, Coventry and Liverpool. There is a Just giving page at if you would be so kind as to make a donation. Its costs three hundred pounds a day to look after one of the Babies so please give generously. The link is at;









The entry forms for this years Santa Ride in aid of Zoes Baby Hospice can now be downloaded from the web site at

Don’t delay as we are restricted to 160 Motorcycle. First come first served.

Santa Ride 2015

The Entry forms for this years Santa Ride in aid of Zoe’s Baby Hospice will be getting posted on the web site very shortly.
A link will be placed on here.
Again limited to 160 Bikes, first come first served.
Those riders that entered last years ride and have not forwarded their outstanding sponsorship money will not be eligible to take part until said monies and sponsorship forms from that ride have been returned.
Copy of Poster below. Contact details will be shown when the system goes live.

Santa Ride 2015

What could be a better combination than riding your bike and raising money to save peoples lives.


Brian Outhwaites has been a long and keen supporter of the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group. He is always up for a Challenge. This time Brian will be riding the 500 mile Challenge on his motorbike then swapping it for his motorised Cadet Glider. Now theres something different.

If anyone would like to sponsor Brian then please visit his creat and donate page at

Way to go Brian.

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