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A new event is being added to the Groups list of Challenges. For the first time cyclists will be able to take part. The event is called the Coast 2 Coast and will involve travelling from Redcar Beacon to Whitehaven Beacon. There will be a number of set locations to visit  The event will be restricted to cyclists and motorcycles the engine size of which will not exceed 125cc. However motorcycles of any size cubic capacity will be allowed providing the said machine was registered before 1st January 1960.

More details and information to follow. There is a section covering this new ‘Moped Mayhem’ on the forum at;,197.0.html


Lee Robinson and Graham Snaith are the first entrants for this new event and they set off on the Challenge on Saturday 1st June 2013 from Redcar Beacon. The duo were waved off by the Deputy Leader of Redcar and Cleveland Council Councillor Sheelagh Clarke who like the Council are big supporters of the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group. The later two pictures shows the guys trying out the latest in Bike to Bike communications.









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