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List of Residential Homes

            Teesdale Lodge Nursing Home.

            Radcliffe Crescent,


            Kirkdale Nursing Home,

             Radcliffe Crescent,


            Allison House.

            Fudan Way,



             Mandale House.

             136 Acklam Road,


            Woodside Grange.

            Teddar Avenue,


            Ingleby Care Home.

            Lamb Lane,

             Ingleby Barwick.


            Roseville Care Centre.

            Blair Avenue,

            Ingleby Barwick.

            The Poplars Nursing Home.

            375 Thornaby Road,


            Meadowfield House

            103 Thorntree Road



These two Motorcycling events which have raised in access of four hundred thousand Pounds are now organised by the Great North Air Ambulance Service.

Full details are on the Posters.


Hi everyone.
We are getting a lot of enquiries from people wanting to take part in the ride.
Sorry to say but our allocated maximum of Motorcycles allowed on the ride was reached last week and therefore entry is no longer available.
The Route of the ride is roughly twenty two miles long and for this ride to go ahead we have to apply to all four councils naming each individual road and how long we will be on that section of road.
Once everything has been submitted a decision is made after discussions with the Emergency Services and ensuring Risk Assessments and indemnities are in place.
It is not just a case of turning up on the day. 
A lot of time and effort has gone into this event in the last ten years and because of the partnership arrangements and goodwill we have one of if not the best Santa Ride in the country.
As with number of bikes, we are limited because of times the roads are closed and the resources available to escort the ride.
At times on the ride the length of the procession will be three quarters of a mile long.
Please do not turn up on the day hoping to enter as you will be refused. Also please do not follow the procession because the ride is operated on a rolling road closure controlled by the Police.
After the ride there is always a debrief and if any event or incident like the procession exceeding agreed numbers and other groups following then under todays climate of Health and Safety arrangements our future events could be at risk.
We have proven that our event is exceptionally well organised and Policed, please do not do anything that could have a negative impact on future arrangements.
The timings for this years event has now been read over forty five thousand times. 
Many thanks for your support.


We have been using the car park at Thornaby New Town Centre for some years now and a system has developed whereby everything works extremely well but we still need volunteers to help out. 
It is great for people to just turn up but if was not for the people who turn up early and control the situation things would not go well.
By now every rider will have received a comprehensive list of final instructions but just in case they have not been read this is what takes place.

The traffic lights at the junction of Mitchell Avenue and Allensway there are people directing bikes onto Allensway. Usually this is by Mal and his team.

The roundabout at Allensway and the New Town Centre Car park is manned directing riders into the car Park.

As riders enter the car park the Riders of Trikes. Motorcycle and Sidecars and Boats!!!! are directed into the layby which wil;l; have been coned and taped off. Davey and Chloe have been in charge of this post in the past.

If the riders are not destined for the layby they are directed down towards Lidls where they ride onto the paved area and turn right down towards the Lidl Store entrance. It is crucial here that riders are  aware of pedestrians and that also they park their bikes close together as room is at a premium. Normally Wilky and myself have taken responsibility for this.
When this area is full riders are then directed around the Brewhouse Cafe and alongside the entrance to the Eagle Hotel.
This route will be heavily pedestrianised and it is essential that the utmost care is taken. Volunteers will be need to control this area and the other areas mentioned.

If volunteers can attend at 9am that would be great so that we can control where bikes are left.

Just before the procession starts of the Trikes riders will be called forward to the area where the Police Bikes are parked. When the Police Bikes move from this area that is where the procession bikes will exit. The Trikes and other three wheeled bikes are asked top join the procession once every twenty bikes. Juice the Green Santa normally takes on this role and it allows us to spread out the three wheeled vehicles throughout the procession.

The procession will leave the car park at a very slow pace because otherwise the procession will be drawn out with large gaps. As the procession leaves the car park the lead Fire Engine will move in front of the bikes and lead the procession. Also for the first time there will be a Police Interceptor Car driven by Spike and accompanying him a TV crew.

The procession will move very slowly on to Mitchell Avenue and when the last Bike passes the Open Top bus on Mitchel Avenue that will follow the procession.

Due to a restricted number of Police Motorcycle taking part this year there may be occasion for the procession to come to a very slow ride or stop. to allow the Police Bikes to overtake and man certain Hazards.

Areas that have been identified for this as per the instructions have been the dual carriageway Stockton Road prior to turning left onto Church Road. Then there is the Wilderness Road as we approach Newport Road Roundabout and then on the Trunk Road prior to turning left over Coastham Bridge.

Also please ensure you are aware of the staggered riding position which is explained in your copy of the final instructions. We need to ride close together but safely. Ride smoothly and don’t leave gaps.

On arriving at Kirkleatham please park close together to ensure everyone can access the car park.


You tube link is at;  

New Video available from The Great North Air Ambulance.

Did you know The Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group have raised more than £480,000 for GNAAS since 2006? The respected motorcycle body is a charity fundraising group that has raised in excess of £600,000 for a variety of charities over the years and we consider them dear friends. So many people have much to thank them for.
The group are encouraging biking enthusiasts from across the region to join them in their fundraising quest and there are two challenges on offer: The Boundary 500 – a five hundred mile challenge around the region’s perimeter – and the Boundary Classic – a shorter, scenic route that traditionally take place in the Durham and Yorkshire Dales.
Both events offer biking enthusiast the perfect way to enjoy biking, spend time with like-minded folk and support a cause close to many people’s hearts.
sign up here:

Video Link is on the Group Facebook page at.

Total Amount Raised

Since June 2006
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£ 644862

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