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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group donates £600 to air ambulance for lifesaving kit

12:51pm Monday 24th June 2013 in News By Alexa Copeland, Reporter (Darlington)

Boundary member Carole Laverick handing over the new defibrillator to Mike Bateman, GNAAS paramedic, with Karen Fixter, secretary of the Boundary Group. Mike is holding the larger, advanced defibrillator.
A NORTH-EAST motorcycle group has donated £600 towards lifesaving equipment for the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS).

The Boundary Motorcycle Group, which organises regular charity ride-outs, has raised over £450,000 for local causes since 2006 and its latest donation has helped pay for a portable defibrillator for the GNAAS crew.

All GNAAS aircrafts already carry advanced-care defibrillators but these are heavy and difficult to carry.

The portable defibrillators will be helpful when aircrafts can’t land close enough to the patients and the crew have to travel extra distances.

Mike Bateman, crew paramedic with GNAAS, said: “The portable version doesn’t have the same amount of features, but it is still able to perform a life-saving function.”

He added: “We would like to thank all at the Boundary Motorcycle Group once more for all their work for the charity.”

Brian Laverick of the Boundary Motorcycle Group said: “Our members remain as committed to this cause as ever before, so we are delighted to be able to help out in this way.”

Paul, Steve, Mike and Steve are riding three thousand miles in three days to raise money for the Great North Air Ambulance. They set off from Darlington at 00.01hrs on Friday 21st June 20913 to complete the Boundary 500 Marathon. This event takes riders around the coastlines of England, Scotland and Wales a distance of three thousand miles. Normally riders can take up to ten days to complete the ride but these guys all very experienced motorcyclists who have ridden the event before wanted to make it a special challenge.

Here the photo gives you an idea of their make-up, full of laughter and enjoying themselves.




One of our members has a friend in a residential home at Saltburn and asked if we as a Group could go along and give our support and meet some of the residents. About twelve of us turned up and we had a great time. Nell who is 86 years old insisted on a ride down the road and back. You can see by the photograph how much she enjoyed herself.



As reported on this web site a new event starting in 2013 is the Coast 2 Coast Challenge AKA The Beacon to Beacon. The event poster has just been finalised.


m_C2C Poster - Final

Press coverage of the latest Boundary event.



As everyone knows we run major events to raise money for the Great North Air Ambulance. We also run a number of raffles to help raise money. A while back we asked the Air Ambulance if there was a piece of ‘kit’ that the paramedics on the helicopter would like to make their jobs easier.

The team were in the process of raising money for a state of the art defibrillator which was effective and portable. The piece of kit was over £2000 and they had not raised enough money so we gave them £600 and now they are the proud owners of this excellent piece of kit.

You will see from the photograph Carole has the new piece of equipment and Mike has the older version carried in the helicopter. Mike says although the larger defibrillator  has a number of other functions the new kit is fantastic for using in the field. What we need now is another two to kit out the Cumbria and Northumbria helicopters.

The photo shows Carole Mike and Karen alongside the Teesside helicopter based at Durham Tees Valley Airport.


Members of the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group who are dedicated to raising funds for the Great North Air Ambulance are once again on their travels.

Craig Jones and Mark Turner have entered the Boundary 500 Marathon which will see the riders riding  three thousand miles around the coastline of England Scotland and Wales.

The duo have been planning this trip for nearly a year and at 7.30am on Friday 31st May they set off on their Motorcycle adventure from the official start location, the entrance to Tees Valley Airport.

Craig and Mark have been busy raising money through a variety of events and at the present time they have raised in excess of a thousand pounds.

If anyone would like to donate sponsor Craig and Mark they can do so on line at,

Brian Laverick the organiser of the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group said,

‘Craig and Mark are passionate about  motorcycling as well as raising funds for the Great North Air Ambulance Service, to ensure it keeps flying and thereby saving lives. They have worked extremely hard over the last twelve months planning and raising sponsorship money. With people like Craig and Mark in the Group our aim of raising  half a million pounds in seven years is nearing fruition’.

If anyone would like any information about entering any of the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group events information is available on line at or by ring the Group Secretary Karen on 01642 343479

Here are the guys just before they set off.


m_1a m_P1190592

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